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FREE Guide On Creating a Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Providers

Creating a marketing strategy for healthcare services is tricky.

You or your healthcare marketing agency needs to keep things crisp, clean, and in accordance with healthcare laws.

High Tide Creative works predominately with healthcare providers, so we like to think we've aced this method. That's why we created The ULTIMATE Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Providers!

The ULTIMATE Marketing Strategy for Healthcare Providers

It doesn't matter what medical field you call yourself an expert in.

You can be an orthopedic surgeon, dentist, neurosurgeon, breathwork coach, or even a hospital; each level of care deserves an equal level of representation in the digital market.

According to Professor Eng. Victor Lorin Purcarea, Ph.D., "the benefits of implementing marketing strategies are

  • to improve the competitive advantage,

  • to increase the visibility,

  • to create a solid reputation among patients,

  • to understand the needs and expectations of consumers,

  • to understand the patients' perceptions of the quality and results of their experience within the medical organization, offering memorable experiences to patients and, of course, building a strong, effective, dominant brand on the health services market."

We're not one to argue with a Ph.D. So these are the same benefits we have in mind when we came up with this marketing strategy for healthcare providers.

Here are three simple steps you (or your healthcare branding agency) should take to kick your practice off the ground and make an impression on your patients.

Step 1: Have a Responsive Website Design

A responsive website design (RWD) makes your patients' lives simple. They already have enough to worry about, don't they?

You can read more about RWDs here, but essentially what it means is that your website responds seamlessly on any device.

Your healthcare website (including your patient portal) should be easy to use on :

  • Mobile

  • Desktop computers

  • Laptops

  • iPads

If it's not, you could be losing out on new patients— or frustrating your existing ones.

Step 2: Offer (Free) Valuable Content

The next step in your effective healthcare marketing strategy is to provide free and valuable content.

Taking into consideration your patients' different learning styles, it would be ideal to have medical information in the form of:

  • Videos (audio)

  • Blogs (written)

  • Social Media (visual)

Your video marketing efforts are also easily transferable across your digital platforms. You can use one video on “5 Ways To Improve Your Health at Home” on your website, in a corresponding blog, on YouTube, Tik Tok, and other outlets your patients are browsing on daily.

This brings you to your next step…

Step 3: Stay in Constant Communication with Your Patients

Sending emails is a great way to stay in contact with your patients. It serves as a reminder that you provide information outside of office hours. Plus, it can potentially help your patients in a moment of panic.

The more communication you have with your patients, the more likely they are to leave you a review and refer their friends.

You can even double your efforts (and really show you care) by replying to comments on your social media pages!

How High Tide Creative Can Help with Your Healthcare Branding

While we aren't exclusively a healthcare branding agency, it's one of the fields we take immense pride in servicing.

While doctors and nurses are busy saving lives, we're highlighting their success stories to bring more patients through their open doors.

Here are a few areas High Tide Creative can implement your custom healthcare marketing strategy:

Is it time for your practice to team up with a healthcare branding agency? Let's explore your options during your first FREE consultation.

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