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Reliable Examples of Social Media Strategy for Small Business Owners

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a social media service, it's only natural to want to see examples of social media strategy.

As a company, it is crucial to have your brand and business actively present on all social platforms (yes— all). It will cultivate a space for your company to thrive with consumer engagement and content promotion.

A social media strategy encapsulates everything you want to achieve for your brand. It involves details about what you will post, the platforms you'll utilize, and the goals that your company prioritizes.

These strategies are the building blocks to creating a long-lasting and positive outcome for your small business.

Do Small Businesses Really Need a Social Media Plan?

According to Forbes, the most important asset to building your brand's success is consistency.

Committing to a focused schedule will help your company build credibility, reputation, trust with your consumer.

But this will be extremely difficult if you're not consistent. This is why you need a game plan set in stone before you start posting on social media.

5 Examples of Social Media Strategy That Work for Small Businesses

Social media plans can be effective when used properly. The ability to create this link between you and your customer gives your small business advantage for long-term growth.

Here are five examples of social media strategies that work for small businesses.

1. The User Generated Content (UGC) Strategy

Smaller businesses can achieve beneficial contributions through user-generated content (UGC).

UGC can be an unpaid or sponsored social media post created by a customer who loves your product or service.

Recent studies by Tint have shown that "when users create and share content on social media channels, they get 28% higher engagement compared to standard company posts.”

Typically, UGC works well for e-commerce companies or local restaurants, considering how accessible it is to others for content creation and promotion.

2. Sample Social Media Content Strategy using Humor

Humor can be a great way to break the ice between you and your audience. It brings personality to your brand, which makes you more memorable.

Look at Wendy's as an example. Consumers now expect to see quips like this from the fast food chain's Twitter account:

“When you eat all the fries otw home: t'was just the appetizer.”

Their account has 3.8 million followers, so, clearly, humor is working.

High Tide Creative also has a few examples of social media strategy using humor! We've found that comedic content performs well for almost all forms of business, even law firms.

3. The Engagement Plan

If you've never seen a growth in your numbers (despite posting consistently), it's because you don't have a social engagement strategy.

One of the easiest-to-follow engagement tactics is entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck's $1.80 plan. In this example of social media strategy, Vaynerchuck recommends commenting on 90 posts a day.

To summarize, you're simply putting your brand's "two cents" in your target audience's content.

This helps your ideal customer see and (hopefully) follow your account. And, more importantly, it gives you a chance to connect with them on a relatable level.

4. The Post Only Videos Plan

Due to the growing popularity of Instagram reels and Tik Tok, there has been a rise in video content.

Videos have made products more palatable when promoted on social media. These short clips showcase many benefits like social proof, customer feedback, helpful how-tos, and even give a creative spotlight for your product.

Plus, recent studies have shown "videos on Instagram receive 49% more engagement than static photo posts.”

If you want a quick and easy way to reach a bigger audience, video content is currently king.

5. The Repurposing Social Media Strategy

Repurposing content is an example of social media strategy that hasn't become popular yet. It's the recycling of existing content on another social media program.

For example, small businesses can reupload Tik Toks to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, and even in blogs or emails.

Repurposing content can have considerable benefits that allow brands to spread themselves across multiple social media platforms to reach more people. They can recycle graphics, captions, and even videos that can be discovered by completely new audiences.

It’s an extremely easy way to stay consistent and still reach new customers.

Nervous about getting started? We’ll walk you through it during your FREE social media evaluation.

Tom Lewis, Partner | Creative Director

With over 20 plus years of award-winning advertising and design experience, Tom has spent much of his career working with a variety of companies throughout the southeast. His client list has included: UNC Lenoir Health Care, Hutchens Law Firm, Equifax, Georgia Pacific, Primerica Financial Services, Weyerhaeuser, The Atlanta Hawks, Randstad Staffing, Craven County Tourism, America Knits, Guardian Repellent, and The Shizzle Jerk Marinade.


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