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How To Rebrand Your Business Like a Pro In 2022

You know, we know it, even your customers know it: it's time to rebrand your business.

Rebranding your business can sometimes feel like a failure. But honestly— you should be looking at it as an investment opportunity.

Maybe a facelift is all you need to make your business double in profit.

How To Rebrand Your Business: 5 Steps To Profit

Rebranding a business is more common than you think. Every business updates its look to fit modern aesthetics. Think about Apple's original logo, Starbucks, and even Air BnB.

If you're conflicted about whether or not this is the right move, let's talk about when rebranding isn't the best way to build your expense sheet.

When You Shouldn't Rebrand a Business:

  • You're just starting;

  • You're in the middle of a PR crisis (trust us, people will notice if you do this too soon. And they won't like it);

  • Your values haven't changed;

  • You feel like it

Now, if you're looking to modernize your look, you've expanded your market, or your values have changed, you're in the clear!

Step #1: Do Some Research

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. However, if your brand logo looks exactly like every other in the market, it might be time to rebrand.

Do a deep dive into your local and national competition. Make a note of what colors, fonts, and imagery they're using in their marketing.

Your branding color palette should be slightly different from others, but there's a reason fast-food chains always use yellow and red and why health care providers like to use blue and green.

So, if you find your industry leaders are all using the color blue, well— that's just color psychology.

Instead of changing your color scheme, you might want to explore a new logo or fonts for your business rebrand.

For example, take a look at how we transformed Carolina Orthopedic's brand logo into a modern design without having to change the color scheme at all!

Step #2: Rebrand for Your ICA

Your ICA is your Ideal Client Avatar. As a business owner, you should know everything about this person, from what they look like to the types of accounts they follow on social media.

But over time, your ideal client may change.

For example, a yoga studio owner may start their practice by offering services to men, women, and teenagers. Ten years later, this same owner has become a parent. Now, they're passionate about advocating for children's mental health.

Their ideal client avatar may switch from single, career-driven women in their early 20's to a 3-year-old mom working a 9-5 who wants to introduce her kids to the mental benefits of yoga.

In this case, rebranding is almost necessary. This business owner will want to make their logo, color scheme, and their advertisements appealing to kids and mindful parents.

Step #3: Rethink Your Look

Does your marketing look like it came straight out of the 1990s?

Don't worry; we've all been there. Even Universal Studios changed its logo over ten times!

To figure out what you (and your ICA) are attracted to, create a mood board with:

- 3-5 color schemes;

- 2-4 fonts you like;

- Image examples of you would like to use in your marketing

Step #4: Test it Out

Now that you have a starting point on how to rebrand your business, it's time to figure out what works.

A/B testing "compares the performance of two versions of content to see which one appeals more to visitors/viewers."

Here are some ways you can efficiently conduct A/B testing when rebranding your business:

1. Youtube Thumbnails

Services such as TubeBuddy offer split A/B testing for YouTube Thumbnails. Here's how it works:

2. Instagram Stories

Use the Poll sticker feature on Instagram Story to ask your existing audience for their input.

You can show them two different logo options, font styles, or templates you plan to use on your page.

You'll get the data to move forward with your rebrand, and your audience will be excited for the release since they were a part of it!

3. A/B Ads

Take a look at how High Tide Creative transformed our client's ads. From cluttered and hard to read to simple, captivating, and eye-catching.

We'll let you guess which ad brought in more profit.

Step #5: Let the Professionals Handle It (H3)

When you're going for a complete rebrand, the best way to save yourself time and make more money is to outsource the design work to professionals.

Each of these steps takes considerable amounts of time. And as a business owner, you know that time is money.

Let the professionals handle it if you want to rebrand your business and make a profit in record time. It's worth the investment.

Just look at how High Tide Creative modernized this client’s design!

Do you want to talk to a professional about rebranding your business? Let’s brainstorm ideas during your first consultation.

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