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Hutchens Law Firm

Hutchens Law Firm is based in Fayetteville, NC and has multiple offices in North and South Carolina, with over 275 staff members (including 40 plus attorneys.) For over 30-years the firm changed its name almost every time a new partner was added and struggled with its identity. Our agency suggested simplifying the name to Hutchens Law Firm and helped the organization re-launch its new brand to the public.
hutchens-ad-3 copy.jpg

High Tide’s creative team is one that can think outside the box. They have developed a stunning ad campaign for us that is better than any I have seen in our industry. The legal industry’s advertising is known to be dry, boring, and “safe.”  After our official launch, I have no doubt our marketing materials will be the “buzz” of the industry.

Sara Gamache, Hutchens Law Firm

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