About 15 years ago I read the New York Times best seller, “Who moved my cheese,” a great book on the topic of dealing with change. This was at a time when rapid change in the business world was signified by companies like ebay and Amazon coming on to the scene, starting a chain reaction of panic for brick and mortar retailers across the globe.

Since then, technology has advanced exponentially and the so called “cheese” (customers/business) is becoming even harder to find. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone back in January of 2007 it changed the world and now, almost ten years later, we’re still trying to come to grips with our new reality. The smartphone has become central to everyone’s lives and we’re now able to communicate across the globe via video chat, take photos, do our banking, shop, navigate, play games and the possibilities are endless.

The writing is on the wall and businesses that aren’t focused on how to utilize smartphone technology when marketing to consumers might want to give the former executives of Blockbuster a quick call. How we do business now and in the future is being determined by this little device and companies that embrace these changes will increase their chances of survival.

Consumer demographics are much more segmented and to reach them now requires sophisticated strategies. Long gone are the day’s where you could simply run a TV spot and reach all your consumers on one of the three major networks. To reach a specific demographic these days requires a knowledge of the latest mobile apps and how to become a part of the conversation your consumers are having. You have to develop separate marketing strategies for each app – Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pandora, Pinterest and the like. Consumers still embrace brands, but they don’t want to be marketed to and that’s where it gets tricky. They want brands to make personal connections with them in meaningful ways, and if you do it correctly, consumers do your marketing for you.

Marketing and advertising is more complex than ever before and constant change is the name of the game. So, strap on your seat belts because it’s going to be one wild ride.

Tom Lewis, Partner | Creative Director

With over 20 years of professional advertising and design experience, Tom has spent much of his career working with various companies throughout the southeast. His client list includes: Equifax, Georgia Pacific, Primerica, Weyerhaeuser, The Atlanta Hawks, Randstad Staffing, TyraTech, Lenoir Memorial Hospital and Hutchens Law Firm.