High Tide Creative is a brand consulting firm with one mission – Raise Your Brand. It’s not just a philosophy; it’s our call to action. In fact, everything we do at HTC is geared toward helping you invigorate your brand and maximize its potential. We combine a brand’s intrinsic strengths with storytelling and ideas that break through the surface and turn customers into buyers – prospects into clients.

Creative work that gets results

Guardian Repellent

Find out how we took an unknown repellent formula and turned it into a national brand.

Amberly Community

Discover how we helped Amberly become one of the fastest growing communities in Cary, NC.

Whitley Law Firm

Learn how a simple idea was turned into a compelling social awareness campaign.

New Bern CVB

Find out how we have steadily increased tourism for New Bern, NC year after year.

The Shizzle Jerk Marinade

Learn how we branded a new product and gained immediate access to supermarket shelves across the nation.

Hutchens Law Firm

Learn how a name change and re-branding transformed an established thirty-year-old law firm into a high performance powerhouse.

A client list that covers the spectrum

Making Waves | Our branding process

Research & Discovery

The first step to the branding process requires an audit of your current brand position, which includes: identifying your competitors; a thorough review of your business plan and objectives; reviewing your company’s mission and vision statements; reviewing the culture and history of your organization; and lastly, review current customers and their experiences with your brand.

Alignment & Clarifying

The second step involves identifying your core values, brand attributes, and the brands’ strengths and weaknesses. We will also determine who your audience and target market is; identify your competitive advantage and business category; and align your brand with its core strengths.

Planning & Strategy

Step three of our process is where we begin team collaboration and identify brand archetype. Together, we will develop strategic objectives and define your business goals. We will refine the brand vision, brand promise, and brand essence; identify customer personas; and develop your brand positioning.

Brand Development

During step four, we will engage in the development of new brand or updating of existing brand; refine your core message and theme; identify optimal communication methods; and identify and develop necessary collateral materials. Lastly, we will create your brand identity manual and help train your personnel on the proper application of your brand components.

Application and Extension

The last step of our branding process is where we’ll identify the specific areas your branding will be used, including but not limited to the following: advertising, interactive/web development, content marketing, social media, digital & traditional marketing, mobile marketing, and promotional plans. We will also develop strategic plans for public relations, trade marketing, and sales promotions.

The advantages of working with a branding agency


Do you have your own marketing department? Using an ad agency brings the expertise of an entire marketing department, and then some, to your business. Agencies are up-to-date on every type of new media opportunities available and have access to research, media buyers, artists, filmmakers and other experts who can provide advertising know-how that small businesses cannot afford to hire for themselves.

Saving Time

Most small business owners are busy enough running their business, they are unable to give the creation of an ad campaign the time and energy it needs. Hiring an advertising agency means that you and your staff do not need to spend time developing an advertising campaign. This frees your staff to do what they have been trained for.

Saving Money

Although hiring an advertising agency sounds expensive, simply paying a fee to an advertising agency can help your business to avoid the costs associated with adding an entire department to your operations, not to mention the logistical cost of developing advertisements in-house. Consider also that an agency can save money on ad placement because they have access to discounted media rates and packages not available to someone dealing directly. Agencies can help you cut to the chase of targeting exactly the right audience for your message, eliminating ad placement that looks good but reaches no one.


A full-service ad agency brings a one-stop approach to hiring professional advertisers. This means you only have to worry about managing a relationship with one main agency versus trying to coordinate relationships with multiple vendors. One account executive usually directly manages the client relationship and oversees every aspect of the creative team on the ad agency side from beginning to end.


Advertising professionals will get to know your business, your products and your company culture, as well as your personal preferences, before crafting a campaign that effectively conveys the uniqueness and value of your organization. In addition, your advertising executive will consult with you frequently to measure and adjust the campaign for optimal results.

Brand Development

By helping you examine your product or service, and the impression you want to make, an ad agency can help you develop a look and a brand that will attract customers and keep them coming back. Effective brand advertising can be a complex process because branding is more than the look – it’s the experience. A good ad agency banks on your success and can help you examine every aspect of your business to make it even more attractive.

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