Project Description

The Objective

Develop branding, packaging and positioning for a new lice product that would rival the top brands in the category and help it get on the shelves of national retail chains.

The Brief

Tyratech, a life science company out of Mooresville, NC, created Vamousse and spent years in the development and testing stages. At the time our agency was hired, Tyratech was attempting to get the product into retail chains, but had a small window of opportunity given the yearly buying schedules. They needed a “real” brand to sell and our challenge was to create a vision for this new product that could compete on a national scale, almost overnight.

The Solution

High Tide Creative developed a compelling brand that included package design, collateral materials and advertising that elevated the entire brand category. Our client was able to get immediate access to Walmart stores across the the U.S., as well as retail space in stores throughout Europe. Products like Rid and Nix suddenly looked like old news when compared on the shelf, and the first year of sales exceeded all expectations.