Project Description

The Objective

Develop a brand identity for a new jerk marinade that would overcome a sluggish market and become a household name

The Brief

Big & Fine Food Co. hired High Tide Creative with one product, a shoestring budget and a big dream: to create a new brand category with their jerk marinade and to develop a cult-like following of die-hard fans. We were tasked to develop a package design that would give their jerk marinate immediate credibility.

The Solution

The client provided the product name: The Shizzle and we developed a Rastafarian character to represent the brand and capture the attention of a niche group of adventurous, spicy food fanatics. From there, we produced an intriguing label design, e-commerce website and Facebook presence. After one year in business the social media efforts have generated over 16,000 Facebook fans and the marinade is on retail shelves from North Carolina to Maine and is being distributed by two major hot sauce wholesalers.