Project Description

The Objective

When we first presented to Sportsman’s Toy Store, it was doing business as “Field & Stream” Sports. After reviewing our creative strategy, the owner started seeing his company as a real brand for the first time. Prior to our involvement, the client had been questioning their website and online strategy, which had become an issue with Field &?Stream Magazine, the popular outdoor publication. After a quick meeting with a copyright lawyer, the challenge became clear: how do you change the name of an established business into an opportunity for growth, instead of a sales and public-relations disaster?

The Brief

We decided that the best way to get over any negativity associated with the name change was to involve consumers in the process from the very beginning. We developed a contest called the “Name Our Store Challenge,” which engaged consumers in-store and on Facebook. We enticed them to register and vote on one of five new store name options, via a drawing for $1500 worth of in-store shopping sprees. We generated a considerable amount of buzz around town through PR, billboards, e-blasts and radio. These efforts would culminate in a special name unveiling event and drawing held for the winners.

The Solution

In a two month period, Facebook fans increased by 66%, contact information was captured from over two thousand consumers and over 250 people showed up for the big event, which resulted in a 300% sales increase for the day. The store was successfully re-branded and by involving consumers in the process, it will result in an ongoing, positive return on investment for many years to come.