Project Description

The Objective

Reveal and promote the “Charm” of a 300-year-old city and help turn it into a thriving destination.

The Brief

The city of New Bern, NC, was losing market share due to a depressed economy and limited resources to promote its beauty and history. With no organized branding or marketing strategy, the CVB was losing opportunities to larger cities. New Bern needed a better way to promote tourism and create incentives to expand the economic impact to local businesses and attractions.

The Solution

High Tide Creative formulated a comprehensive marketing and media plan designed to exceed the Bureau’s goals in unique ways. Their plan included updated branding, targeted ad and direct mail campaigns, search engine positioning, a creative online discount program and a responsive website to complement the existing ad campaign and encourage more interaction between consumers and the Visitors Bureau. In 2010, New Bern not only regained the loss of 2009, but increased visitors to Craven County. Those visitors poured $108.29 million into the local economy and supported 1,030 jobs in travel and tourism.