Project Description

The Objective

Change the name of an established thirty-year-old law firm and develop a branding strategy that would carry them into the future.

The Brief

Hutchens, Senter, Kellam & Pettit was an established, 30–year-old law firm that was struggling with what we call, “the long name that nobody can remember” syndrome. Every time there was a partnership change the name changed with it, which caused a severe identity problem that was crippling all of their advertising and marketing efforts.

The Solution

After much consultation, our firm made the recommendation to simplify the name to Hutchens Law Firm. We also created a compelling tagline, “High Performance Law,” that would take center stage as we developed branding, advertising and marketing strategies for the law firm. The work has given the firm new life and the vehicle it needed to expand it’s offering and open additional offices in the region.