It all began with a desire for change.

The long path leading to the formation of a new ad agency began when Todd Willis, Kim Kruger and Tom Lewis left established advertising careers in Charlotte, Minneapolis and Atlanta looking for a change of pace. As luck would have it, all three ended up working at a small agency in Eastern North Carolina and a close bond started to form. After several years of working together the desire to open an agency of their own began to take shape. Their inspiration was to create a company with integrity, a dedication to client success and a work environment that would inspire creativity. The partners also made a decision to cater to small to mid-size companies, often ignored by bigger agencies. In June of 2005 High Tide Creative opened its doors and became an overnight success, serving clients across the state and beyond.

High Tide Creative derived its name from an unconventional group of people that live in a rural area along the Eastern, North Carolina coastline. They call themselves “High-Tiders” and they are descendants of pirates and rum runners that frequented our coast, now known as “the Graveyard of the Atlantic.” Our coastline got this name because of the treacherous shoals that often caused ships to run aground – one of the most famous being Black Beard’s “Queen Anne’s Revenge.”

Tidal changes are essential to human survival, with the high tide bringing about conditions that positively affect us all. Long ago the mythical god Triton was known to blow a conch shell to signal this dramatic shift. The agency’s mission is to help clients make positive changes through advertising and marketing, so the name “High Tide Creative” just seemed to fit.

The company has been blessed with a talented staff, smart clients and a never ending desire to produce exceptional creative work.



High Tide Creative has been a crucial partner in the creation and evolution of the brand identity for ‘The Shizzle’ jerk marinade. We came to High Tide with a recipe idea, and they provided us the creativity, artistry and foresight to convert our concept into a 1st class brand. Their efforts positioned our start-up business to be welcomed onto the shelves of national retail chains immediately at product launch, and provided a great web presence which allows us to consistently add several hundred new Facebook fans each month.
Austin Williams, Big & Fine Foods
It has truly been a pleasure working with High Tide Creative on our branding and marketing campaign. Their fresh, creative ideas and flexibility have made the process very easy. They have an awesome knowledgeable staff and we could not have asked for better service.
Melissa Riggle, New Bern Convention & Visitors Bureau
High Tide’s creative team is one that can think outside the box. They have developed a stunning ad campaign for us that is better than any I have seen in our industry. The legal industry’s advertising is known to be dry, boring, and “safe.” Specifically because of the local Bar Association’s advertising rules we are required to follow as attorneys. High Tide has found a way to create materials and ads that stand out and are above and beyond the industry standard, while still abiding by the Bar Association’s rules. After our official launch, I have no doubt our marketing materials will be the “buzz” of the industry.
Sara Gamache, Hutchens Law Firm


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