307, 2015

High Tide Creative Earns International Design Recognition

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It isn’t often that a billboard in one small town attracts international attention. Yet a public service outdoor advertising campaign for Whitley Law Firm of New Bern, designed by High Tide Creative, a North Carolina [...]

206, 2015

Supermensch – The Legend of Shep Gordon.

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Mensch: \'men(t)sh\ A person of integrity and honor This past weekend I decided to watch a Netflix documentary that I had been saving in my movie list for weeks. I have a great fondness for [...]

405, 2015

Sharpening The Saw

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Don’t work harder, work smarter. Over the years my father has shared many things with me about “life,” lessons he usually learned the hard way and passed on to me. His hope was that I [...]

304, 2015

More Awards for High Tide Creative

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NEW BERN, NC (February 26, 2015)  –High Tide Creative, a North Carolina advertising agency specializing in building brand identities, recently received recognition for creative excellence at the annual Triangle AdFed ADDY event on February 20 at [...]

1802, 2015

Data Mining, Credit Cards, and a Side of Chicken & Waffles

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My credit card company knows more about me than my family? How data is collected and used has become a subject of controversy in the mainstream media, so what's all the hype about and how [...]

302, 2015

Your Website is Not Responsive

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8 Reasons you may be in more trouble than you think. Is your website responsive? A website needs to look good and function well across different devices – laptops, iPad, mobile phone. Your prospective customers are [...]

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